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  • 2021: The Year You Decided to Take a Leap and Reach Your Goals

    2021 is a month in and we're all trying to figure out our goals for the year and how we're going to crush them. Fitness, health, money, to do list...
  • Top Tips: Making Graphics for your Network Marketing Biz

    Christina here! With almost 9 years working in graphic design, "classically trained", as I like to say, in the art of Adobe programs, Photoshop, Indesign & Illustrator, I've been able to create high quality graphics for my business over the course of the years. The great thing about technology now a days is that people are creating tools and apps that make is so much more efficient for ANYONE to use and make their own graphics. Now, we all can't be designers with the eyes for great quality graphics (I've seen some TERRIBLE graphics out there for marketing, unfortunately) but I can guide you to the best tools and practices for creating and using graphics for your business. 
  • Top 10 Customer Service Practices for Network Marketers

    You're in the business of people and your existing customers are your #1 source of income whether they are purchasing from you or eventually taking on the business themselves with you as their sponsor. As a network marketer you always want to expand your network, but at the same time you have to keep your existing ones strong. Your customer service skills need to be fine tuned to do so! It's what keeps people coming back to you, even though someone else they know might be selling the same thing. The best part of these skills is that they can be learned and made habitual by following these 10 Practices for Customer Service in Network Marketing (or anywhere, really!)
  • What's Next for #glowgetternation

    2020 has been a year of absolute GROWTH for #glowgetternation. Whether it was forced upon us by the Pandemic or not, the growth that we've experience was meant to be. Jade started #glowgetternation in 2015 as a Network Marketing Team and now together Jade & I (Christina) are expanding into a life style brand. So what does that mean? What is next for #glowgetternation?


    oogle has a list of "People Also Ask" when you search something. Here are all the answers to all the questions people also ask about Farmasi. Have...
  • Top Tips for Working From Home and Getting Shit Done

    I've been trying to get into a productivity mindset at home since being laid off from my full time job in March 2020 (Pandemic Related). I've always been productive doing side hustle things at home but I've never had to work "full time" from home. So this has been new territory for me, as I'm sure it has been for a lot of us this past summer. This also applies to those of you who are transitioning from a full time job to working full time at home (Congratulations!) So if you're struggling with productivity working from home, read this. I wanted to share my top few tips that have been a game changer for me working from home full time.
  • Top 5 Tips to Resell on Poshmark

    I used to work at a place where I could purchase clothing at wholesale prices. We're talking $40 for a $180 jacket. $4 for a high end tshirt. $20 for a brand name gym bag. Heck, I even bought a snowboard at wholesale price. This caused an abundance of things. My walk in closet was so jam packed with stuff that I did not have ANY room to even browse through the items. So about 5 years ago I decided I was going to purge. I sold a bag of clothes for $50 and I donated some things to a second hand store. Perfect. Over the years I dwindled down little by little but I still kept buying more. Since this Pandemic hit and losing my job, I've been sitting at home in this mess of stuff and I needed it to be gone. I am so sick of looking at it and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of selling on Facebook Marketplace, so I discovered Poshmark and off I went. This is what I've learned...
  • How To Choose a Network Marketing Sponsor

    You're here so you've kind of heard of us. We are #glowgetternation - founded by a team of network marketers with a specific set of special skills:
    Jade: Natural born leader, an activist, an instigator of positive change, master of law of attraction and attraction marketing and #glowgetternation's resident makeup artist.​​
    Christina: Graphic Designer and social media marketing master, full of creative energy and a passion for teaching others how to expand their businesses online. 
    Together we've had over 15 years of Network Marketing and have developed some pretty incredible training.
    So what sets us apart from other network marketing teams?
    ​What should you consider when choosing a sponsor?
  • FAQ: FARMASi Launching in Canada

    A lot of questions have come our way in the past few months as we talk to so many eager individuals patiently waiting for the Canadian Launch of FARMASi. I'll address the importance of starting early, what kind of training we provide and why we do it, what's available to us right now and what isn't.
  • Get Started Right With #glowgetternation

    It's Summer 2021, FARMASi Just launched in Canada and you've enrolled, you've signed up for a kit, what now?

    They say speed creates success and building a solid foundation in your first 4 months is crucial to maintaining continued success. At #glowgetternation we will refer to these first 120 days as your Business Launch, or your 4 month push. During these 4 months you have the opportunity to expand your kit by achieving minimum sales goals to get free product, you can use these for yourself or you can sell them at retail and make even more money. Going through the 4 month push in its entirety will help you create success habits that you will carry forward forever. This 4 month push is not just simple, but also easily duplicated for your teams, after all we are helping not only ourselves, but others to build their empires!
  • Ground Floor Opportunity: FARMASi Canada

    Truly Ground Floor. FARMASi has not launched in Canada yet so RIGHT NOW is the time to learn more and get involved. This company originally started in Turkey and has quickly expanded to over 125 different countries.

    FARMASi has 67 + years in the cosmetics and health industry so they know what they’re doing. In 2019 they expanded to the United States and in 2021 they will be adding Canada, Germany and Mexico! So what the HECK am I talking about and why are we so excited...?
  • FARMASi Welcome Kit Options & Benefits

    Whether you want a 50% discount on already affordable product (liquid foundation for $11.45 US with your discount.... WHAT!?) or if you want to tackle this business head on and share these amazing products with your following as a beauty influencer,  we've got the options and the know how for you to live your best life! We're patiently waiting for the Canadian launch here in 2021 but we want to share as much as we can to prepare Canada and #glowgetternation with as much info as possible!